Monday-Puppet/Drama Day 1

To see all the photos from today, click here. Fényképek.

Today, we visited the towns of Erdőtarcsa and Kálló. We praise God for a successful first day of ministry. In Erdőtarcsa, the pre-school teachers sang Christian songs along with us. While Janka was teaching in Erdőtarcsa about how Jesus died on the cross for our sins, a young girl yelled out, "But he rose from the dead, but he rose from the dead!" Praise God that the gospel is sinking into these kid's hearts. After the show in Erdőtarcsa, some of the teachers told Janka that they were close to tears when viewing the puppet show. They gladly await our return at Christmas.

Above: The kids in Kálló were very attentive to the puppet show and the gospel message afterwards. We also performed our drama for the first time this year for the teens in Kálló. The gospel was clearly communicated through this drama and Erika's teaching afterwards.

Praise God for an encouraging first day!

Prayer request:
1. Please pray for Heidi as she has a vicious cold. It is tough for her physically to take part in the puppet show and the drama. Please pray for complete healing, as our schedule will not get any easier and this is just the beginning.

2. Sharon had a few painful contractions today. They stopped, but this is always alarming (in a good way). Our due date is May 1st, but in reality we are one week away from being full term. Please continue to pray for the health of Sharon and our baby, and that the baby would come at just the right time.

Above: In the afternoon, our friend (teammate) Roger came to help move some of Brenda's stuff into her apartment in Petőfibánya. The good thing about living in a village is that you can drive your vehicle in the strangest places without getting weird looks from residents. Roger literally was able to drive across the 'front yard' of her apartment which saved us some serious lifting up steps.

I was grateful for Roger's help! Brenda is currently in the States continuing to raise her support to serve full time on our church planting team in Heves Megye. Please pray that God would provide 100% of her monthly support.

Above: Tonight we held one of our last english classes. Next week we will have a barbecue party. We hope to be able to use this as an outreach and also a way to invite the students to the following Sunday's evangelistic service. Please pray that God would prepare the student's hearts and that we would have wisdom in knowing how to plan for this party.
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