Day 9 Puppet & Drama Ministry!

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Above: Our first performance was in the town of Héhalom.


Above: Janka, "Do you know what this is?" What a blessing to openly share the truth of God's word, and to tell the story of Jesus' sacrificial death and powerful resurrection in public schools.

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Above: We praise God for the teens' attentiveness as we performed this year's drama. The message of Jesus being able to free us from the penalty and the bondage to sin was clearly communicated.


Above: Heidi trying out some stilts that the kids bring over as we set up for our next presentation in the town of Jobbágyi.


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Above: We were amazed at the attentiveness of the kids in Jobbágyi this year! It is difficult to keep over a hundred young children in order, but these children were quick to join in with our songs, and payed close attention to the puppet show and teaching time. Praise God!


Above: As the kids left and the teens ushered into the gym, there were many who recognized us and greeted us as friends.



Above: The teens did just as well as the kids. They enjoyed the drama and payed close attention to the message of Jesus voluntarily laying down His life to pay the penalty for our sins. What an encouraging way to end this year's Easter puppet and drama ministry!


Above: This years Easter Puppet & Drama team. Bottom row L to R: Janka, Heidi, Julie and Brenda. Top row L to R: Csaba, Allen and Miki. Or course, Sharon, and Erika (Miki's wife) picked up more work at home to equip us to do this ministry. Sharon also provided some fuel (fresh coffee) for us. I am so blessed to be part of this team! Miki commented that he has worked with other teams over the years doing Puppet ministry, and he has never experienced such unity that we have on this team. Praise God!

As I consider what God has done, I am amazed. He has provided a vision, put together a teams, provided resources, opened doors in public schools and is revealing His truth to thousands of children, teens and teachers. Our God is mighty and is doing a mighty work that will bear fruit for sure!

Thank all of you that committed time to pray for us! You are an important and vital part of our ministry, and we surely experienced the fruit of your prayers this year. You are a blessing to us!


Tonight, I was able to meet with Zoli and Gabi S. (who was baptized last week). It was Gabi's turn to facilitate the small group, and He did an excellent job, breaking up the time with discussion, prayer and teaching. The study book that we have been going through 'just happened' to focus on the subject of the resurrection of Christ tonight. I am so blessed to hear these young men pray, and to hear their thoughts as they process the truth of God's word. I thank God for their steady growth and their understanding of the gospel.

After the study, Gabi helped me with an invitation for church. Gabi also received posters in the mail with the verse: "Why do you look for the living among the dead?  He is not here, but has been raised!" (Luke 24:5-6) We took his posters and the church invites and posted them at bus stops and bilboards in Petőfibánya, Selyp and Lőrinci. Please pray that God would draw visitors to our Easter service this Sunday. Pray that the message of Gospel would clearly be proclaimed and understood.
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