Puppet and Drama Ministry Day 4


Above: This morning was a bit gloomy. We praise God that He kept us safe as we drove through the back narrow roads in foggy conditions.



Above: Our first stop was the town of Erdőtárcsa. The teachers and kids have always given us and God's message a warm reception in this town.


Above: One of the 'tighter space' times where three puppets are interacting at once. There is a lot of complex choreography that goes on behind the scenes. We praise God that He has helped us know our parts and given us the strength to perform well.


Above: Our second stop was the town of Kálló where we were given the opportunity to do both puppets and our drama presentation for the teens.


Above: Miki, "On the third day, He rose from the dead."



Above: Janka teaching an object lesson with tightly wound yarn on the power of sin to keep us in bondage.


Above: Ice Breaker time with the teens in Kálló before our drama presentations.



Above: Our last drama which reveals Jesus' power to bring reconciliation. After the drama, I have some time to preach to the teens. Today was difficult, as four or five kids began stirring up the crowd and mocking me. This town in the past has been very receptive but a class of students has graduated and moved on, bringing in new kids. I don't mind being mocked, but this distracts the other kids from hearing the message of the Gospel. Please pray that the Lord would destroy the enemies work to keep them distracted. Pray that the message could be delivered clearly, giving all a chance to hear this Good News.

Our daughter Elianna has come down with a fever today. Everyone is just recovering from the flu, but we are hearing that there is a new sickness going around Petőfibánya. Please pray for her healing and for our health.
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