Above: Daily prayer in the hills surrounding Petôfibánya with Zoli and Gabi. I am so impressed and encouraged by the faithfulness found in these two young men. We have made it our habit at 7:00 am to walk together up this mountain and pray for specific requests. As they continue to pray, I have seen an expectation growing in them to see God use them for His glory at the English camp. It is so amazing to consider that just last year, Zoli and Gabi were without hope and in need of Christ. This year, they are battling for the lives of others through prayer and looking forward to their part in sharing the gospel in camp.

Below L: Last night I spent time reviewing the foundations of the gospel with Zoli, Gabi and Dávid and encouraged them to be ready to share the hope found within them to roommates, classmates or new friends at camp this year.

Below R: Although Ben is not 'required' to take naps being a big 5 years old, he sometimes opts to return to those younger years of passing out in his car seat in the afternoon.

P1330900.JPG P1330899.JPG


P1010380 P1000799

Above: Pictures of last years English camp where both Zoli and Dávid were saved. Those who are serving in camp this year are busy making final preparations. There is a tremendous amount of prep work involved to allow for a successful 10 days of teaching, worship, activities, travel and so much more.

Please hop over to http://englishcamp2006.blogspot.com/ to see current list of prayer requests. We are thankful to have the help of 8 daily prayer partners, and we are still hoping to gain 7 more! If you would like to join the daily prayer team for this camp, please email us.

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