Amazing Sunday

Below: Péter sharing how God answered his prayer in drawing his brother to come to a church service. We welcomed new visitors tonight from some of the surrounding towns who commuted to our service.


Just moments after we closed our service by singing the Lord's prayer together, I spotted a young man peering through the doorway and through the crowd that was dispersing toward the refreshments. I could see that Csaba was speaking with this young man and pointing me out from across the room, as well as Miki as church leaders. The young man, Győri made his way to Miki and they started a conversation that quickly led to the gospel. (Győri with Miki below)


Györi (roughly 20s?) was obviously drunk, but not too 'gone' to carry on a conversation. Minutes later, Györi's friend Robbi made his way in and I pulled up a seat for him. After that, two other 'drinking' buddies made their way in, and we had opportunity to share the gospel to all of them. To be honest, I was surprised how well they payed attention, and how well they were able to interact as we explained God's truth. Church member Csaba told me later that these men were strolling outside with drinks in hand, and jokingly asked, "Can we come in?" When Csaba said, "Sure" they were shocked, expecting swift judgment. Afterwards, they made their way into our church, one by one.

Győri's burden was a desire to know why his mother died when he was four years old. He questioned God's purpose in this and whether God was good or evil. Miki shared many facets of the gospel of grace and highlighted the love of God. After an hour of conversation (when we had to lock up), Győri said he learned alot spiritually and hopes to meet again. I spent most of my time talking with Győri's friend Robbi, who although drunk, was clearly presenting and defending his world view. Robbi obviously has a background as a 'seeker' of truth. He knew alot about Christianity and other world religions. Unfortunately, he is stuck in thinking that all religious paths lead to the same God and he is 'offended' by Christians who say (John 14:6, 1 Tim 2:5), that Christianity is the only true way. Although I was bold with him at times in clearly communicating unique biblical truths, he was not 'put-off' but remained open.

I praise God for bringing these 4 new men into our church tonight, and ask that you would pray that they would be rescued from the bondage to sin and given eyes to see and ears to understand the gospel. Please pray that they would return, and that they would be sober the next time we meet.


Above: Eszter (holding her daughter above) came to me after service and asked for a Bible. Please pray that starting this week God would reveal Himself through His word to her as she reads at home.

P1300808.JPG P1300824.JPG

Andi, (pictured above right center) who we first connected with through our ESL program, attended tonight's service. It was clear to me from a previous conversation that she believes in God, but I am not sure how much of the gospel she understands. After service, we invited people to participate in our continued distribution of gospel of John booklets to the rest of Petőfibánya. Andi volunteered and will join Csaba tomorrow in spreading the gospel through these booklets. Please pray for God's word to impact those who read it, and pray that Andi would gain a full understanding of the gospel and be transformed by God's grace.

Below: Earlier this morning, we traveled to Budapest to our home-away-from-home church "KEGy". Heidi was sent out today with prayer by the elders to serve in the church plant in Petőfibánya. We are thankful for KEGy's support and were encouraged by today's service.

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Prayer request:
• Our Hungarian partner in ministry Janka, has just found out that her sister Nori has a cyst that unexpectedly tripled in size on her face. They will not know until later whether this is dangerous or not. Nori is a teenager and has a developmental disability which puts her mental abilities at around a 12 year old. Janka's greatest desire is that Nori would be saved. Janka's parents are both saved and they have all sought to lead Nori to Jesus, however she has yet to make that personal decision. Please pray for Nori's salvatiion and physical healing!
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