Thursday Multiplication

Above: Tonight, I met with Csaba, Gabi and Milán. We talked about our new identity as brothers unitied in Jesus Christ. What an amazing reality that we are united in Him from now into eternity. We discussed what was 'normal' behavior in God's family: Loving each other. Serving one another. Encouraging each other in our faith in Christ. Bearing one another's burdens. Please pray for these men to continue growing in their faith! Gabi took home our copy of the gospel of Matthew DVD to view. Please pray that he would be blessed as he watches it in his leisure time.

Above: New visitors come to the evangelistic group at Miki's house. Anita (above) and the two Marikas (below) are Ben's teachers in pre-school. This is the FIRST time any of the three has come to any one of our outreaches. They have known Miki and Erika and our family for the past three years through pre-school. Please pray that God would do the miraculous work of drawing them to Himself through the fellowship in this small group.

Below: Dezső continues to grow in maturity. He is making the transition from 'being in' a small group to participating in a small group as a lay-leader. Szabolcs has led the past two groups and will give over his responsibilities to Miki starting next week. Vanda became a Christian a few years ago, but often struggles to find a way to enter into Christian fellowship. Vanda’s husband Endre is 'warming up' to us and we are overjoyed that he has now attended this group twice. It is Vanda's deep desire that her husband be blessed through this group.

Below: Julika the 'craft master' blesses the children upstairs with a creative way to communicate Biblical truth. Julika was kind enough to come all the way from Budapest to join us in ministering to the people of Petőfibánya.


Did you prayer when you received this request last week?

"Prayer requests: A Pioneers Hungary team member requests prayer for an important surgery procedure tomorrow. The need for surgery came quite suddenly and the cause could be some kind of inflammation or cancer. Please pray for complete healing."

Well, God has answered! The results of the tests came back negative for cancer. The surgery went well. Thank you for your prayers. Praise God with us!
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