Weekly Update


Students who attended our ESL program last semester. Hajni (pictured far right) has been coming to our Engish program for over a year. Although Dezsô had a few opportunities to invite her to stay for Bible study or visit church, she never showed interest. Our teammates, Miki and Erika developed a friendship with Hajni as Hajni's son attends the same preschool. It seemed as if Hajni was completely uninterested in knowing more about Jesus. For the first time last week, Hajni attended a Bible study at Miki's house. She was very open to hear and asked very good questions. Please pray that God would continue to draw Hajni to Himself and give her understanding of her need for Jesus Christ.


Above: Csaba in english camp two years ago. We first met Csaba through our English community classes three years ago. I have had the opportunity to meet his mother, Csilla and father through invitations to his home. God opened the door for me to give testimony while there. The parents were very honest, sharing their disbelief and questions. I lost touch with them about a half a year ago. Just a few months ago, Csaba's mother Csilla began attending our English program in Petôfibánya while we were on furlough. I was amazed to hear that Csilla was staying after for the optional Bible study and even took home a New Testament! Just last week, she approached our teammate Miki and said, "So tell me what it means to be saved and what do I need to do to be saved." Please pray for Csilla to hear the clear message of the Gospel and to turn to Jesus for a restored relationship with God.

Our teammates in Petôfibánya are busy practicing for this year's Puppet outreach. Please pray that God would provide the strength and talent needed to present these shows for His glory.

Please continue to pray for Julie who is facilitating a Christmas musical production. Pray for the details such as sets that are being prepared, clothing designed, tickets and posters being produced, final practices and implementation.

We continue to ask for your prayers for our support to be raised to 100% before returning to Hungary at the end of January.

Thanksgiving Highlights

Below are some of my favorite pictures from our time with friends and family over thanksgiving:




Above: Just enough sun to play outside. Just enough wind to fly our kite.



Above: Two personalities. Elianna gently snuggling the ball. Ben aggressively pounding it with his foot.


Above: Brother Bob going to work on the turkey. We had a wonderful dinner at his house with family.


Above: Allen's mom with Kira.



Above: Aunt Kathy dancing with the girls and cousin Alvaro on the guitar.



Above: God providing a beautiful sunset.


Above: One of Elianna's happy drawings that just make you smile.


Above: Ben secretly left this out one night for mom to discover near her grocery list. Hilarious!

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