Day 4

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Above L: Zoli (from Petôfîbánya) enjoying his unique hot-dog sandwich for breakfast. Above R: Please pray that Lidia will go beyond connecting with teachers and find a friend at camp. It is difficult for her, as she didn't come with a girlfriend like many of the other campers.

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Above L: Studying the transformation of the apostle Paul in the book of Acts. Above R: My Bible reading class.

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Above L: Zoli who just arrived to camp last night is fitting right in. I am thankful for campers like Dávid (on his left) helping him feel comfortable at camp. Above R: My students, Veronika and Niki. Both have seemed to know lots of answers in their separate Bible reading classes. Please pray that they come to fully understand the gospel and be saved.


Above: Talent night was full of fun and laughs! I was proud of my teenagers from Petôfibánya who sang a worship song in front of everyone! Every year, 'Kázmir' (above) makes a surprise appearance. This year he performed his own rendition of the Phantom of the Opera with handmade puppets. We were in tears!

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Above: Closing the night by singing worship songs together. We are thankful for a group of campers this year that fully participates in singing with us!

Tomorrow, we will have an optional worship service. Please pray for these kids to come to know the Savior. Please pray that I would be led by God in preparing and that God would bless Vera as she translates tomorrow.
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