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Unfortunately our first planned destination of Zagyvaszántó informed us upon arrival that we did not make a necessary follow up call to confirm our coming. Therefore we returned home a bit saddened, but optimistic that God would give us another opportunity to go to Zagyvaszántó at Easter.



Above: As older students set up chairs for the younger kids, they immediately recognized us. A couple of them commented that they remembered us from a visit to their previous school located in Szirák. Apparently, schools have been shutting down and districts have been restructuring causing many students to now attend different schools. We are thankful that even with the shifting of locations for students, they still run into us every year as we present the Gospel.






After today’s show in Héhalom (hey - hall - ome), the teachers invited us for coffee and conversation in the teacher’s lounge. One of the teachers said that her granddaughter was in the audience today and she thoroughly enjoyed the show. She also said that she has the CD from last year and listens to it so mucht that she knows the songs and stories on it by heart. This is so encouraging to hear as we don’t have ability to follow up in everyplace we go. These materials help the children to continue to hear God’s truth throughout the year.



Above: This was our first time in the village of Bér (Bear). Through various connections they heard that we had a puppet team and invited us to perform in their preschool.





I noticed that some of the kids in the audience had above average spiritual knowledge. When Miki asked, “What is the most important gift at Christmas.” A child said literally, “God’s one and only Son, Jesus Christ.” One child began speaking out John 3:16 before Miki could even get through the verse. We found out after the show that there is a Baptist Church in this town with about 15 members. One of the mothers who is a children’s worker in the church greeted us with joy and gave us some of the background of the church she attends. One of the Preschool teachers was very kind and spoke at length with Hugi and exchanged numbers with her. Praise God for His continued work in Hungary through others that we are not even aware of!


Above: Just as we finished the show in Bér, the rain was turning into sleet as the temperatures continue to drop. We are so thankful that God protected us this entire week from weather that would restrict us from traveling.


Above: It truly has been a privilege and a joy to serve with our team this year. They are true servants, humble in spirit and gave their all to take the truth of Christmas to over 900 kids in the various public schools we visited. Thank all of you that have been praying for us through this intense time of ministry. We are thankful to God who has heard your prayers and been a constant blessing to us throughout the week. May the Lord Jesus Christ be praised.

Prayer Requests:

Tomorrow we will be holding a Christmas rummage sale in the local community center. We expect many from the community to drop by throughout the day and will be offering them hot tea, conversation and Gospel tracts. This is a poor community and we hope that many families will find inexpensive but special gifts for their children. Miki, Sharon and Brenda have been practicing through the week as they will be singing Christmas songs in the background. We will also present our puppet and shadow puppet show for the community tomorrow for those who missed it. Please pray for God to open up new opportunities to share the Gospel with others. Pray also for us as we have been going full speed all week and need a good night’s rest and strength for tomorrow.
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