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Above: On Thursday night, we held a surprise farewell party for Gabi S. who will be moving this Saturday. Janka and Csaba shared encouraging words to Gabi from the Scriptures and we spent time praying for each other. Csaba told Gabi that God gave this time of preparation in Petőfibánya with a local church, loving fellowship and discipleship to prepare him for greater works in the future. I am hopeful as I consider how God may use him in the future, in new areas of Hungary as he grows in his faith. Gabi will continue to visit Petőfibánya through the summer as he is able. He has also committed to serve with us in our VBS this year. We are so thankful to have come to know this young man, and to see God transform his life by His grace.

After our initial time of prayer, Zoli facilitated our Bible study for Thursday night. We learned about the Lord's coming in glory and our responsibility to be ready and waiting for that imminent day. Zoli was kind enough to hold the study at his house (a first!) and clearly enjoyed practicing hospitality.

Earlier Thursday afternoon, Miki and I met with Petőfibánya's mayor. Thank all of you who were praying specifically for this meeting. The mayor praised us for our commitment to the community and told us that every time our 'name' comes up, there is something positive said. We showed the mayor some aspects of the life of our church and also asked for ways in which we could pray. He shared that although he didn't practice his religion, he was not opposed to religion. It was a very positive meeting, and we assured him that we would be praying for him and for the community on a regular basis.



Miki, Csaba, Janka and I met at Petőfibánya's public middle school to teach a class on the art of twisting balloons into all sorts of things. Actually, Miki did all the teaching, and the rest of us tried to keep up.


Above: How to cause chaos in the least amount of time: Give a classroom of kids balloons. I am always encouraged when I hear the kids calling us by name, and when each face is familiar. Through years of puppet ministry, Children's day outreaches and last year's VBS, these kids 'know' us and they know the message we tell time and time again. We are thankful to be God's light in this community in this generation.



Above: Just a few minutes drive away from Petőfibánya, the town of Selyp was having a children's day celebration where we were invited to participate.


Above: Julika teaching crafts and promoting our VBS coming up in July this summer.


Above: Miki, Csaba and Jenna clowning around in 90 degree weather. Jenna is currently visiting from the US on a short term survey trip as she pursues the possibility of serving full time in Hungary. She did a great job today surviving exploding balloons, intense heat and a ridiculous costume. It was a joy to have her with us.



Above: Allen and Tomi. Tomi attended our VBS last year. I spoke to his mother today who said that she is trying to get a few more kids to go to our VBS this year.



Above: Kira getting in on the fun.

Tomorrow will be 'déjá vu' as we will be helping out with a children's day celebration in our hometown of Petőfibánya. Please pray for us to be able to connect with families and that new children would hear about this year's VBS. Please pray that we would have strength as well, as the heat causes havoc on our bodies.
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