2007 VBS day 4


Above: Last night, after a refreshing storm, God sent a beautiful rainbow that arched over Petőfibánya. Of course this picture does not do the actual rainbow justice. It was simply beautiful.


Above: Miki prepping Hungarian style coffee (strong).



Above: Miki and Dezső leading our song time. The children are now very familiar with the songs and are singing along with excitement.


Above: Julika introducing today's teaching with Romans 10:13, "For everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved."


Above: After hearing today's chapter of Pilgrim's Progress, we split up into small groups to review Biblical truths we have learned through the week.





Above: The kids have been given their own folder to store their crafts which they have created throughout the week. We also have an 'in-house' postal system where kids and teachers can send letters of encouragement to each-other.


Above: Teenager Gabi S. arrived yesterday and has been serving with us.







Above: After free time, the kids got back into their groups to travel through the different places where Pilgrim had been through the week. They were given different assignments and did various crafts at each 'city'. Julika was able to teach the kids the gospel with this colorful key chain craft. Each color represents a different truth of the Gospel.



Tomorrow Julika will complete the story of Pilgrim's progress. Please pray for those teaching as we discuss the importance of a personal decision and the reality of eternal life and heaven. There are many misconceptions that these kids have developed from generations of false teaching and worldly thought. Please pray that they would come to understand what is true according to God's word.

The team as a whole is doing well, but at the end of each day we are exhausted. Please continue to pray for physical rest and rejuvenation.

All of the children from Romania except three did not return today. They are planning on returning tomorrow. Please pray as we are coming to the last few days of camp. We hope for open opportunities to direct children to know the one true God and find salvation through faith in His Son Jesus Christ.
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