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Above: Miki and Roger practicing for our Easter puppet outreach in our basement... our COLD basement :)


Above: This year’s shadow puppet scene showing Christ’s praying in the garden that the Lord’s will be done. Later, His death and resurrection are depicted. This is a very powerful tool to share the true meaning of Easter to over a thousand kids this year. God has already helped our team to learn the show and we have over 20 schools lined up that we will travel to starting on Friday next week!

We do have a financial need once again as we hope to distribute gift packets to each of the children we meet. I should have a more exact amount needed soon, but we estimate that we need around $400 to cover the cost for the magazine/CD packets that contain the gospel for the kids to take home and listen to. If you would like to donate toward these packets, please contact us via email. UPDATE: This need has just been met. Praise God!



Above L to R: Hugi, Erika, Niki, Marika and Gabi (Niki’s brother). This is such an exciting spiritual season for us in Petőfibánya as God is raising up those that are maturing in their faith! We believe we are called to “equip the saints for the work of ministry, that is, to build up the body of Christ, until we all attain to the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God - a mature person, attaining to the measure of Christ's full stature.” (Eph 4:11-13) Equipping does not happen overnight and this small group is one step in many to help these growing members capture a vision for God’s mission and to know their unique role and privilege to take part in that mission. It is so encouraging to have such a wide range of ages in this group and to see how God is teaching them as they follow Jesus. Niki, who is our youngest church member shared with us how she is ridiculed at school for openly being a Christian. Niki chose to break off a relationship with a boy who was not a Christian solely because of what she came to understand in God’s Word. Because of that decision the word spread and she is often asked the question, “Why?” Why so serious about God? Why break off that relationship? Niki has opportunities also to discuss her beliefs online as students chat back and forth everyday on the internet. Obviously, this is not easy for her and she has a lot of room for growth... but she is growing by God’s grace in an environment that is very oppressive and opposed to committing her way to the Lord. Please pray for Niki in these difficult situations to stand firm in her faith and to know the Father’s love in those times that will sustain her and lead her.



Above L to R: Erika, Edina, Feri, Zach and Gyula. Zach, who attends our home church in the US came out to visit as he surveys Hungary, builds relationships and seeks God’s guidance in his plans to serve in Hungary full time in the future. We were thankful that he could get a taste of the various ministries in Petőfibánya and have a full dose of Hungarian language in the time he spent with us.



Kati and Dezső. Kati who is the mother of teenager Norbi enjoys dropping into our teen ministry when she has a chance. In this environment, she can approach us and discuss various questions about life and God. Her son Norbi is tagging along with us on our puppet team and they are both open to spiritual things. Please pray for them both to find life in Jesus Christ.


Above: More packed every week.


Above: Eszti explaining some of the basics of the Bible to two of the teens after they received one as a gift.


Above: Roger, Ádám and Eszti. Ádám and Eszti first came to know us through our VBS and continue to hear testimony about Jesus and the gospel at ministries like these.


Above: Teenager Erik visited for the first time on Friday and was very intrigued by our discussion led by Dezső. Erik also showed interest in attending our English camp that we are already planning for this summer. Erik is from the neighboring village of Rozsaszentmárton that we also hope to reach with the Gospel.



Above: Regi, Marcsi and Heidi.


Above: Zach and Erika.


Above: Teenager Ricsi and Miki. Six years ago, Ricsi was one of the children that attended a Bible class that Miki and Erika held in our village. As a teen, he drifted away and like many of the other kids who attended, we lost contact with them. But just like Gabi and Niki who were brought back years later, Ricsi stepped back into our Friday night outreach and now is attending our church on Sundays. Ricsi loves music and was able to have a conversation about one of His favorite bands with Dezső. Dezső graciously yet with great conviction was able to point out why he personally didn’t like the band Ricsi asked about. Being familiar with the lyrics, Dezső was able to bring up examples of racism that the band promoted and explained why we view all people as created in the image of God. This (our church and our Friday outreach) is most likely the only place that Ricsi is hearing God’s truth on how we are to understand humankind and our relationships with one another. There is a prevailing acceptance in the culture of discrimination against Jews and the Roma in Hungary. There is even a political party that has gained a high degree of popularity that promotes these views and has an opportunity to be elected into power in April. Please pray that the Gospel, and the teaching of Jesus Christ, the Son of God would transform the minds and hearts of the people in Hungary, starting with Ricsi.
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