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Above: Benjamin and Elianna at Ben's year end pre-school party on Tuesday. Ben did a great job playing the role of a wolf, singing with the kids and saying different Hungarian verses.

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Above L: Eszter, a member of our church pays a visit and spends some time with Kira. Above R: My 'adopted' kids, Zoli and Dávid.

On Thursday of this week, I was able to meet with Dávid and Zoli at for teen discipleship, while Miki led a small group at his house across town. The goal of his group is evangelistic in nature, while I am seeking to build up the young men who have already made the decision to put their faith in Jesus. I was encouraged to see both Zoli and Dávid being honest from the heart, sharing burdens, fears and also praises. I was also thankful to God that Dávid was able to bring us specific verses from Proverbs that applied to our conversation. Dávid continues to seek to share the gospel among friends who are deep into the occult. Please pray for these men to be protected from the enemy and to grow to understand the depth of God's love and the blessing of knowing Jesus Christ.


Above: Family pic taken when Zoli was baptized a few months ago. Zoli with mother Ildiko (right), and brother & girlfriend.

Zoli's mother Ildiko has been attending Miki's small group for weeks now. She would rather not come to church, but is open to thursday night fellowship. We have seen her slowly, but continually open up toward the truth of the gospel. It occurred to her in this weeks small group that God is almighty in power, yet He has made a way that we can call Him friend as well as almighty God through Jesus Christ. Please pray that the veil of darkness that continues to blind her from the truth would be lifted and that she would follow the footsteps of her son by putting her faith in Jesus Christ.

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Above: Tonight, we held our weekly sports club in the local middle-school gym. I was glad that Laci was able to make it tonight (he usually works) and stayed for the first time as I shared the gospel. I hope the message brought tonight will cause him to consider Jesus Christ and make a decision either to reject or receive Him.

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I often drive Csaba, Gabi (pictured above right center) and his little brother Bálint home after sports club. Gabi and Bálint were able to stay with us in the car as Csaba and I prayed together. After dropping Csaba off, Gabi asked me, "Could you tell me why it may be that I ask for something in prayer but don't get it?" I was so thankful for this honest question and his obvious humility when asking it. It is so unfortunate that Gabi is not permitted to attend church and to hear God's word answer such questions. However, Gabi is allowed to attend the sports club and through this outreach grow in his faith in Jesus. Praise God!

Answers to prayer:
• Dávid who suffered from a high fever on friday was healed.
• The puppet shows performed by Miki, Janka and Heidi were received with joy and went well.

• I sense some of my teammates are feeling the 'burn' of constantly serving. Please pray that they be led into times of rest and be rejuvenated by God's grace.
• We will be holding a Játszóház (children's playhouse) tomorrow. Please pray for Julika and Janka who will be teaching from God's word and also that throught the games, crafts and songs, the children (and hopefully parents) would be blessed!
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