After arriving safely with all our luggage Thursday evening, we were off Friday afternoon to English camp in a town a few hours away from our home in PetÅ‘fibánya. We praise God for His gracious provision, giving us the needed strength to make it this far.

This year, instead of leading English reading time (Bible study), I have been given the responsibility to teach level six. I have a great mix of 8 students, most of which have attended camps in the past.

Above L to R: Nati and Nari.

One of my students is Nari (see above right). Nari has attended camp for years and just yesterday I found out that she had put her faith in Jesus Christ over the summer. Nari shared her testimony with me over break time and her experiences at English Camp played an important role in her salvation experience. When I think about Nari, I remember previous camps when she brought choreographed worldly dance routines to present in our talent nights. This year, because of Jesus in her life, she wants to present a choreographed evangelistic drama and asked me to participate in it! Praise God for the work He is doing in the campers lives and his gracious perseverance in convincing them of HIs love through Jesus Christ.

Every year, camp leaders are placed in rooms with students and the times just before bed often lead to great conversation. Before the students arrived, I was asking our Father to place the kids He wanted in my room and to open up a door of opportunity with them. I asked the Lord to use me as someone standing at an intersection in their lives directing these kids to the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Above: Imi.

Above: Domi in Bible reading time.

My roommates turned out to be Imi (attended many times in the past) and Domonkos, a new camper. Both are friends through family connections. Last night Domi asked me whether it was better living in the US or in Hungary. This led to getting into my testimony and how God led me His Son. Domi was very interested and continued asking more and more questions: Where did we come from? What happens after we die? Is there some punishment for evil? How did God lead You? How do I talk to God?

It was clear that God is answering your prayers and my desire that a door would be opened. Domi is clearly open and I encouraged Him to seek Jesus this week and trust that God will lead him to find truth. I gave a brief explanation of the Gospel and highlighted the contrast between religion and a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. And I also made clear the necessity of faith in Jesus.

Imi who was listening to our conversation chimed in, “Are people going to share their life stories again this year." Imi is referring to what we call Gospel night where a few people give their testimony and share their faith in Christ. There is an invitation each year to stay after these testimonies and to respond to all they have been learning about Jesus through the week. Imi added how much he liked that night and how powerful the testimonies were last year.

Please continue to pray for these campers, some of whom (like Domi) are hearing the gospel for the first time. Pray for the workers as well as we are giving our all in sweltering heat. The days are exhausting but so rewarding, but we need prayer for strength.

Above: A fun night of Hungarian folk dancing with members of a Lakitelek dance team and later with all of the students.

Above: Good night from Lakitelek Hungary.
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