Tuesday Update



Above: The kids having fun finding some dress up clothes as we continue opening piles of boxes. The local preschool celebrates Farsang (far-shawng) this week where all the kids dress up and perform a show full of poetry, song and dance for parents. Ben is missing finishing parts to each of his costumes, so he is having trouble putting something together. I saw him the other day running around in a storm trooper outfit combined with a black suit jacket and cape. Elianna is looking forward to wearing her princess dress.


Above: Sharon attacking Kira with tickle fingers after sorting through boxes of clothes. This is the room where all three kids are sleeping temporarily as we finish sanding, painting and preparing other rooms.


Above: Miki helping us put tile flooring in our kitchen. This has given us lots of time to catch up as we work together. We are so thankful for his help!

P1130952.JPG P1130951.JPG

Above: Snugglin with Kira.



Above: Dedicating Eszti's child to the Lord in Sunday's worship service.

I was thankful to meet Érzsi, an older woman who has been attending our church with her son since an Advent wreath outreach in December. She told me that there was something different about our church, in that we not only learn about God's word, but live it out in community. She said there is life in the church. We praise God for drawing more people in the community to Himself.

Prayer requests:

As you can imagine, we are in need of God's strength in this time. Here are some things you can pray about.

• Allen, Ben, Elianna and Kira are sick. Elianna awoke two nights ago with a terrible croup cough which leads to difficulty in breathing. This type of sickness usually leads to 3-4 nights of the same difficulty in breathing. We praise God that last night, she did not suffer in this way. Please pray for our complete physical healing and for the ability to sleep through the night.

• Our house is still in need of work that we hope to complete in the next few weeks. We could still use help with one time financial gifts to finish the work.

• We are in the process of renewing our Hungarian residency permits. This means travel to different areas of Hungary, lots of paper work and the need of approval from various officials. Please pray that we would receive a 5 year residency permit.

• English classes and Puppet and Drama ministry are about to begin. Please pray for God to guide our team in these ministries, giving us wisdom, strength and protection from the enemy as we seek to use them for His glory.

• Church and team leaders. Please pray for Miki and Allen who have various important decisions ahead of the regarding the church and the team.
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