Day 8

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Above L: Dávid finding the strangest bugs outside.
Above R: Our confidence each day rests in almighty God!

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Above L: I have had opportunity to discuss spiritual things with Zoli. The other night, I brought a book that specifically answers questions that he is asking about Christianity and offered it to him. I was thankful for his response, as he accepted the book with a smile and thanked me. Tonight's lecture was perfect for him to continue to answer the question of why we have this hope in us.
Above R: Gabi S. (from Petôfibánya) has been a friend to Zoli and also hopes for Zoli to turn to Jesus.


Above: Teammate Heidi held an optional session for women on purity. From what I could see as they were exiting, the room was packed. I was thankful to see so many young teenage girls drawn to hear God's desire for their lives in relationships.


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Above: Gospel night was powerful. Pastor Ronny commuted from Danube Church in Budapest. He walked the teenagers through the overwhelming proofs of the existence of God and the validity of His Son Jesus Christ. After all these proofs, he told the teenagers, "Proof will not guarantee that you will believe." I trust that through this message many barriers to faith have been broken down. This was evident as throughout the campgrounds, we saw one on one conversations afterwards. Some were in tears, some were shaken and asking deep questions. This morning, (as I write this) we will have our Gospel lesson in morning reading time. In this lesson we read through scripture that explains the gospel.
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