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Above: Heidi greeting those entering our Christmas Rummage Sale. We gave each person a gift packet including a church invite, an evangelistic book and for those who were willing a questionnaire.


Above: Church members Hugi and Gábor. Gábor took the responsibility of going over the questionnaire with people. Out of thirteen people that Gábor spoke with, there were only three that expressed no interest in knowing more about a personal relationship with God. The others gave either an email address or a phone number. Please pray for us to be wise with follow up.


It was amazing how many old acquaintances we ran into at the rummage sale. Our old neighbor who’s daughter attended our English Camp stopped by. She was one of the ten who expressed interest in knowing more about a personal relationship with God. The retired couple that we bought our house from also came to sell some goods. Their daughter ended up sitting right next to us and to our amazement was fluent in English. We had a great conversation about family and community.


Above: Teammate Brenda was sure to put fun Christmas bows in Elianna and Kira’s hair when they arrived at today.


Above: Miki, Brenda, Sharona and Roger singing Christmas songs in the background as people wandered from table to table.



Above: Church member Andi helping Roger prepare invites and a handmade card with a Bible verse for guests. Érzsi served by offering refreshements throughout the day. As our long term goal is to move on to plant another church, it is important that we first equip the members of this church plant to serve according to the giftings God has given them. We have been meeting weekly for a discipleship class learning about basics of our faith and just recently how to share the Gospel. We were encouraged to see the entire church serve together to organize and carry out this event. In 2009 we hope to see members taking more and more responsibilities and serving in such a way that will free us up to begin planting in another town. There is still much work to be done in mentoring and we will continue to seek the Lord’s timing every step of the way.


Above: Children and parents coming to see our afternoon puppet and drama show. Some of these kids already saw our show earlier in the week but enjoyed it so much that they wanted to see it again!




Above: Behind the scenes in our shadow puppet show where we illustrate the coming of sin and death through the disobedience of Adam and Eve.



Above: Our shadow puppet show is a mix of real people and heart characters telling the story of the Gospel. This is the first time we endeavored to produce a project like this and we are thankful that God helped us to pull it off. The kids in every place we have showed this performance seem to be captivated by the story and the visuals.



Above: Dezső preached today about the greatest gift of eternal life through Christ in our Christmas worship service. Later in the service, his wife Marcsi gave testimony to a recent doctor’s visit that revealed she had been completely healed of cervical cancer that she battled through the years. Dezső also gave testimony about some family members who’s recently born child was admitted to the hospital for a life threatening problem. Dezső and others in the church prayed for the child and he was later released. The parents of the child who have for years been resistant and cold when it comes to talking about faith in God expressed warm gratitude to Dezső for praying.



Above: Church member Marika gave testimony to God opening up an opportunity to share the Gospel (what she has just been learning about in discipleship class) in the midst of shopping in the neighboring town of Zagyvaszántó.

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Above: After setting up the church for a group shot, I discovered I couldn’t frame everyone in the amount of space I had with my camera. I had to run out side, scale a small wall and take the shot from the window. Well, it’s one way to get everyone looking and smiling at the camera.

church Portrait

Above: We praise God for building His Church in Petőfibánya. We have seen various members come to a deeper faith in Jesus and had great joy in seeing them begin to serve in their giftings in the church. Thank all of you for the various ways you support us!
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