Sunday and Monday


Above: On Sunday morning, we traveled to Budafoki Baptist church in Budapest with our Hungarian teammates to give an update on what God is doing in Petőfibánya. This is Janka's sending church and they have been supportive both in prayer and financially through the years as we church plant in Heves county.


Above: How does this thing work anyway? Erika and Miki seeking to provide shade as we met at Janka's parents' house after morning service.


Above: Janka also surprised Csaba (end of table in black) with a birthday cake celebrating his turning 32 on Sunday. Janka and Csaba are engaged and planning to be married in August. We are privileged to be able to meet with them on wednesday nights to provide premarital counseling. Please pray for them as they prepare to become one in marriage.

P1830409.JPG P1830391.JPG

Above: Miki dressing up Ben a bit.



After a very delicious and filling lunch at Janka's house, we returned to Petőfibánya to set up for our worship service.


Above: Dezső has been preparing for a few weeks from the book of Ephesians and was able to teach us tonight what he has learned. Dezső continues to cultivate the giftings that God has given to him. I am so thankful to see his growth and hunger for God's word. Dezső would love to serve full time if he could, but the reality of this stage of his life requires that he and his wife work in a local factory. Tonight, he preached after just getting off an all night shift at work. Please pray for their family to find a better work situation where they would be 'freed-up' to participate in the ministry they desire to do.


Above: Gabi S. gave me sad news tonight. For some time now, his family has been planning on moving to help with a family business in a small town on the other side of Hungary. There official move date is this Saturday! We will continue to meet through the summer, and also at the ESL camp this year, but he will be settling down in this new village far away. We have done some investigation, and it appears that there are no churches in the vicinity of where he is moving. With such a small church, we feel the impact of such move of one of our members in a great way. Please pray for Gabi as he goes through this time of transition and that God would provide for him a means of fellowship and encouragement to grow in his faith.


In our Easter puppet outreach, there were a few schools that were not able to schedule us in for various reasons. Although Easter has passed, we were invited to present the puppet show in three schools. Today we visited two of them, in Becske and Balasagyarmat. We will visit the third school this Sunday in Palatas.


Above: Miki the 'navigator'.


Above: Miki commenting on how many bugs have lost their lives to the wrath of Brenda's bumper.


Above: The children of Becske walking to the local community center where we held the puppet show.






P1830761.JPG P1830689.JPG


Above: Brenda getting ready for our second show in the town of Balasagyarmat. This school is responsible for children with various disabilities.




Above: These kids payed close attention to Janka as she explained the gospel. We were thankful for warm receptions at both schools, and for their willingness to invite us back again.
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