Church Planter Team Leader Retreat



Above: Sharon went on a hike with some friends from the neighborhood recently in the Matra mountains.


Above: A little halloween fun. Since our kids couldn’t be in the US with their cousins going door to door for candy, Sharon had them dress up and knock on various doors in our home. Neighbors and some walking by on the street got a kick out of seeing the kids dressed up on our front porch.

IMG_4701.JPG IMG_4705.JPG




Above: Sharon had the kids bob for apples and go to town on pumpkin carving. What a fun mom.

Church Planter Team Leader Retreat

Allen will be away for the weekend with fellow PI church planters from various regions throughout Europe. We look forward to a refreshing time of fellowship in Christ and will seek God’s will and direction as we discuss various methods and movements in Church planting. Please pray for all those who will attend to receive clear revelation of next steps in ministry and also to be built up and encouraged through our time together. Pray also for Sharon who will be ‘home alone’ with the kids while Allen is at the conference.
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