Sunday Worship


Emily from the EDGE team helped in our worship service tonight by joining our worship team. She did an excellent job! Ashley, Kate and Katie helped Val with our sunday school for kids. They took the kids on a nature walk, and spoke about the power of the Creator and the beauty and perfect plan in His creation.


We had fruitful small group discussions tonight based on John chapter 8. Lidia (above white shirt & scarf) asked very important questions in the discussion that related to 'living-out' God's word. I was encouraged by her participation and comments. Lidia will be meeting with Heidi (seated on her left above) tomorrow. Please pray for Lidia as she senses that she needs to make very tough decisions that will affect her future. Pray that she would be able to discern God's leading in her life and trust in His provision. Pray for Heidi to have wisdom and to be able to encourage Lidia in her faith.

Please pray for teenager Zoli who lost a loved on Saturday. Zoli was obviously saddened by this loss, but by the end of service, I could hear his voice singing praises to God in closing worship.
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