From Friday to Sunday morning, we attended a conference in Debrecen with teens from our church. There were over 600 teens who traveled from all over Hungary to attend.



Above: Morning ‘warm up’ where we stretched in unison. Attila (above right) obviously is no longer a teen, but the messages he heard this weekend were also for him! The two pastors who taught throughout the conference focused on calling attendees to a decision to follow Christ and to begin living with full commitment. Jesus rebuked some of his followers in the book of Revelation, 3:15 “I know all the things you do, that you are neither hot nor cold. I wish that you were one or the other! (NLT). I was very thankful for the teaching this week and for the eight teens we were able to bring from three different towns that attend our church.


Above: Brothers Levente and Jozsi who are from Jászfényszaru also attended with us.


Above: After preaching on the call of Isaiah on Sunday, the pastor made a call to the 600 teens, “Whom shall I send, who will go!” Those who wanted to make new commitments or renew their commitments to follow Jesus came forward and wrote their name on papers that were attached to a cross. I praise God for seeing a crowd of teens respond in their recognition of Christ being worthy. Jozsi was one in the crowd writing his name. May the Lord equip them all and bless them. May they all bring glory to Jesus Christ as they follow Him and fulfill their calling through Him.



I shared in last week’s blog post the sadness in my heart for two in our church that were on a path of rejecting Jesus as their Lord in their decisions and behavior. Thankfully, one of the two has since repented and been restored! Praise God! Though this trial was ‘only’ a week long, it has caused damage and consequences for the one involved. Please pray that this one who has returned and been cleansed by Jesus would have a deeper understanding of God’s grace and walk in a way (through God’s grace) that does not bring shame to the name of our Lord.

The other one who is choosing to wander off is in need of prayer. This person is making decisions based on feelings and passions of the flesh, not on the sound foundation of the Father’s word to His children. Please pray that the Spirit of God would use recent conversations, and recent messages that this person has heard to bring him ‘home’. Pray for conviction of sin, a realization of which path they are on, and that God would give them wisdom to understand that His way is always the best way.


ABOVE: We began Thursday night by meditated on various verses from Psalm 119 in small groups. Our goal was to continue to teach the teens about prayer as we looked at the Psalmist’s example. Afterwards, we integrated musical worship and gave the teens an opportunity to put into practice what they were learning by praying between each song with thanksgiving for who He is. Afterwards we discussed the contrast between a worldly life void of the Spirit of God and the life of one submitted to Jesus Christ.





Above: Guest pastor and long time friend Jonatán (right) from the town of Gyöngyös preached in our service on Sunday. Unfortunately, our county is plagued with generational fighting in families, in politics, in the communities. Jonatán encouraged the body to be peace makers and was very effective in giving practical examples of how our calling plays out in everyday life.

Just before going into our time of small group prayer for our community, Miki asked to see a show of hands for people from Petőfibánya, from Lőrinci, from Rozsaszentmárton and from Jászfénszaru. It was very encouraging to see the number of hands go up from each place. God is ministering to four towns through this local church and we seek to equip members to plant more churches. Praise Jesus Christ who is causing growth not only in number but growth in member’s maturity through discipleship.




Above: Sure, Ben only got to play about 1 minute in the tournament on Thursday, but he had a great time. Ben’s school came in fifth place out of eight teams. I think someone needs to wash his uniform in extra boiling hot water to shrink it.


- Pray for the one who has repented and been restored in our church to be strengthened in fellowship, grow in His faith and to “walk in a manner worthy of the calling to which [they] have been called.” Eph 4:1.

- Pray for our Thursday night youth mentoring meeting. Pray for the teens to mature in their faith in Christ and to bear fruit in accordance to what they are learning from God’s word.

- Pray for our Childrens Ministry Outreach (Játszóház in Hungarian) that we will be holding this Saturday in Petőfibánya. Pray for new families to attend, for the Gospel to be clearly communicated and for new relationships with families in the community.
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