English Camp!

Tomorrow, Allen will be leaving to serve in this years 10 day Evangelistic English Camp. This year's campground is located in the Mátra mountains, less than an hour away from Petőfibánya. Because of the intensity of this camp and my involvement in different aspects, I will not be able to update our personal blog everyday. However, you can find daily updates at a specially designed prayer blog just for this year's camp. As time permits, I will also update our blog.

For those of you who have followed our ministry for the last few years, you know the impact this camp has on the lives of the lost. You also know that every year we enter into a spiritual battle that requires dependence on God, especially through prayer. Your commitment to pray gives us more confidence as we enter into this ministry.

Here are some general requests:

For my family:
1. Sharon will remain at home this year with Kira, Elianna and Ben. Please pray that she would have the strength and wisdom to bless them in this time.
2. Pray for her physical and spiritual well-being and rest.
3. Pray that my family would be protected from the enemy.

For the Team:
1. Unity in Christ in obedience to His Spirit in us
2. Physical strength
3. Patience with each other and clear communication
4. Protection from sickness and injury
5. Wisdom (when teaching, disciplining, directing, leading)
6. Ability to rest at night
7. Equipped to proclaim the gospel in word and deed

For the campers:
1. That they would be freed from the spiritual darkness and various strongholds the enemy has placed upon them.
2. That they would understand the gospel, repent and be saved by faith in Jesus Christ.
3. That they would be able to focus and be free of distraction when being taught the Bible each morning.
4. That campers Zoli and Gabi S. from Petőfibánya would not fall by way of peer pressure, but rather stand firm in their faith and fulfill their calling as Christians in this camp.
5. That they would sense our love and develop an attitude of trust that we might minister to them as friends.

Please visit http://englishcamp2007.blogspot.com/ for more specific daily prayer requests and updates.
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