Weekly Update

Above: A few weeks ago, we were able to enjoy the last days of summer with friends Ken and Grace and their children. Ken and Grace are also missionaries and happened to be back in the US. Benjamin and Elianna enjoyed new friends in Ken and Grace's two daughters who are the same age. This was the first experience for all of the kids going door to door on Halloween for candy. We were able to do this in Allen's brother's development where they knew their neighbors. One of the kids said, "It's just amazing, you go to their door and they give you candy. This is cool."


Above: Sharon (or someone attempting to look like Little Red Riding Hood) also took a bag to collect candy for Kira which we take tax from every day.


Above: A goodbye toast with spoons and ice-cream as Ken and Grace end their week long visit.

Speaking of ice-cream and tons of Halloween candy, lets talk teeth for a moment. Recently, we had a meeting with our mission's board at Brandywine Valley Baptist Church and related one of our needs for our entire family to see a dentist. It has been some time for Sharon and I, and both Benjamin and Elianna have not had the chance to go in Hungary. Our insurance does not cover dental care, and the cost ads up quick. We praise God that the mission's board made some calls and a member of our church offered to clean our teeth for free. Allen and Elianna had their teeth done last week and we were happy to hear that no cavity creeps revealed their ugly faces. We are thankful for God's generous provision through this gracious supporter.



Above: Adding to the kid's 'firsts', on Saturday, we took the kids to a battle of mommy and daddy's high school football teams-Christiana verses Delcastle.



Above: Kira snuggling up to Ben in the blistery cold afternoon. Elianna spent most of her time trying to understand what the cheerleaders were cheering. "Daddy, what did they say?" Ben kept asking, "Dad, why do they keep hitting each other?" Sharon had flashbacks to her participation in her band playing for Delcastle's homecoming football game where she fell off some steps in front of everyone.


Above: It was great to spend some time and reconnect with friends, Aaron, Becky and Aaron's sister Ruth over the weekend. We are truly enjoying our time back in the US with family and friends.

Health concerns:

As you may recall, Sharon had some tests done in Hungary related to an abnormal spot on her leg (which was removed) and a abnormal spot found during a mammogram. The tests in Hungary were inconclusive and Sharon has continued the process of testing while on furlough at Christiana hospital. After more testing, the doctor in the US is quite certain that it is not cancer, but will perform small extractions of the growth by needle to make sure. Please pray for the procedure to go well and that Sharon would be protected from cancer.

We continue to look for opportunity to meet with small groups to share what God has been doing in Hungary. If you would like to invite us to your small group, please contact us here.

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