Friday-Puppet/Drama Day 5

Today we performed our puppet and drama ministry in the towns of Verseg and Jobbágyi. There was a point in the introduction to the puppet show when Janka said, "I'm sure you've heard about the Easter story from the Bible." At that moment a young girl blurted out, "No!" Janka replied, "Well today we're going hear about it!" That was just another reminder of how we are being used as God's messengers to bring good news to these children.

Above: After the show in Verseg, I was able to grab some of the teens to ask some deeper questions. Péter (above L) and the other teens gave their reasons why they didn't believe in God. After hearing-out their doubts, God gave me an opportunity to give an answer for the hope that He has given me in Christ. As our team was leaving they asked multiple times, "When are you coming back?" We hope to return at Christmas with the same life changing message.

Above: Heidi (feeling better), teaching the motions to a song that summarizes the gospel message.

Above L: Erika teaching about the death and resurrection of Jesus. Above R: After the show, the teens have fun helping jump start Miki's car.

Above: Friday night's sports outreach. Tonight we had a new visitor Laci (far left). Laci is the son of Hajnalka (ESL student) who recently began attending some of our small groups and even church. When she found out that we played sports with the kids in the community, she told Laci about it. Laci had a good time tonight and I hope to see him more often as we build a friendship.

Milán told me tonight that he had some exciting news to share with me. He shared with me that after praying and reading God's word, he has made a decision to be baptized! Praise God for leading Milán and giving him spiritual wisdom. After tonight's devotion, Norbi talked to Miki indicating that he was in the process of considering making the decision to put his faith in Christ. Praise God for working in these teen's hearts!

Prayer requests:
Heidi is feeling better but still recovering from her cold.
Please pray for Allen's eye. He has an infection in his eyelid that causes swelling and pain.
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