Jesus is risen!



Above: Yesterday, the kids helped Sharon come up with symbols that would represent different parts of the Easter story to put inside of these plastic eggs. Ben found many of the symbols from his various Lego sets. I even helped him put some tin foil on two of his Lego characters to make them into the angels that appeared at the empty tomb. This morning, Ben, Ellie and even Kira went egg hunting and recovered them all. Afterwards, we review what each symbol represents.


Above: Sharon finishing the last part of the Easter story that she has been reading to the kids over the past few days.


Above: I think the kids had a bit too much sugar today.

IMG_0653 IMG_0715


Above: Kira wearing what mommy once wore years and years and years (o.k.) ago. The shirt says, "Daddy's Girl". Kira is gaining more control over her balance, however she is not yet walking. She loves to be carried around to explore every item in a room. She points to ask what it is, and tries to repeat what she hears. Most of the time it comes out as, "ba, ba" and then gets progressively louder and said with more confidence, "ba, ba".


Tonight, I preached on the beginning of the Easter story–a good God, a good creation, and a tragic end as Adam disobeyed the one commandment given for his own protection and good. Praise God, that He acted in love, choosing to embrace the penalty due us so that we could embrace Him as forgiven and redeemed people through the work of Jesus Christ!

Jesus said ..., "I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live even if he dies,  and the one who lives and believes in me will never die. Do you believe this?" John 11:25-26

I was thankful for Laci and his wife Györgyi who visited our service tonight. Unfortunately, there were many distractions, and I am not sure how much of the message really came across. I hope what they did hear continues to help them understand the magnitude of God's love and His provision of salvation through Jesus Christ.


Above: Marika standing as we sang happy birthday. Marika was one of the first people to be saved years ago in our church, when we used the Jesus film as an evangelistic outreach.

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Above: One of the precious blessings I have in this life. I'm not in the picture, because I'm the camera man, not to mention I was in a t-shirt with messed up hair. Oh, well.
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