MONDAY Rózsaszentmárton Elderly Home



Above: Our first show for Monday was in the neighboring town of Rózsaszentmárton where our son Ben attends school. Last Christmas was our first time performing in this town in their elderly home. Previously, we have consistently been turned away by the leaders in this town. Some of you may recall that after our performance in this Elderly home last year, we were then directly sent to their preschool after one of the Elderly home workers made a phone call. New doors of opportunity seemed to be opening, until we found out a couple of weeks ago that the preschool was not going to invite us back because we were thought to be a cult that was operating in that town. By God’s grace, after our return performance in the Elderly home on Monday, one of the workers informed us that indeed the preschool did want us to return. The misunderstanding of equating us with a cult was cleared up and we will be returning to Rózsaszentmárton’s preschool this Friday! However, the battle is still not over. Our teammate Erika sent an email to Rózsaszentmárton’s elementary school (where our son Ben attends) asking if they would consider having us perform this year’s Easter puppet show. Just today, she got a call and was very harshly told to stop pestering them. Erika, being confused as to why one email was considered pestering, tried to find out the source of the problem when the headmaster hung up on her. This may be a case (once again) of mistaken identity and being confused with a cult that is truly pestering others in the town. Please pray that our Father would give us wisdom and also bring peace in our communication with this elementary school. Pray that doors would continue to open (and not be slammed shut) to bring the Gospel to this town.

MONDAY Kálló Preschool






Above: Miki getting the kids warmed up for this year’s song, “Jesus Lives.” We continue to praise God for this open door to proclaim the historical account of Jesus Christ who died and was raised from the dead in public schools.

P1300364 P1300370

Above: Our shadow puppet sequence is a powerful way to engage the kids as they hear the words of Jesus praying on the cross, and are taught the reason why He willingly died. So far there have been no distractions through this dramatic part of our puppet show and each group of kids have payed close attention.




Above: After singing the our new song for the third time, the kids are able to sing along with us and follow the motions.


Above: Miki handing off our gift magazine/cd packets to be distributed to the kids. The can listen to the puppet show at home and there are other ways for them to discover more truths about the Gospel in the magazine and CD.

TUESDAY Nagykökényes


Above: An elderly woman making her way through the village of Nagykökényes.


Above: Two of the younger teachers in this preschool were fighting to hold back tears as through the shadow puppet sequence showing the death and resurrection of Jesus. This show is not only for kids, but communicates God’s amazing love through His Son to teachers as well.


Above: Smaller village equals a smaller amount of kids... but very cute kids!

P1300505 P1300495

Above: Erika using colored eggs to explain the important truths of the Gospel.


Above: After the show, the kids couldn’t wait to dig into the gift magazines.


Above: A good sign! Among the various videos for the kids, last year’s Christmas puppet CD that we distributed is sitting right on top. Most likely the teachers play it for the kids at various times in preschool.





Above: Benjamin, Elianna and Kira had beautiful weather to enjoy over the weekend and were excited to get back to bike riding (just learning last year).

Thank You all for your continued prayer for our Easter Puppet Ministry.


• The show (even though full of difficult transitions) has been going very well.
• All equipment is working well.
• Our team (except Erika) is healthy and sleeping well.
• We were invited back to Rozsaszentmárton’s preschool.
• The truth of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is being proclaimed.
• School’s are receiving us with kindness and children are engaged especially in the Easter story shadow puppet sequence.
• For years, the neighboring town of Zagyvaszántó has not allowed us in their elementary school. God has answered prayer and we are allowed to perform this year!


• Erika is suffering with an eye infection. Please pray for healing.
• The call from Rozsaszentmárton’s elementary school shook us up. Please pray for wisdom as to how to proceed.
• Team member Peti is able to serve with us because he is still unemployed. We are thankful for his tremendous help, but we ask that you pray that God would provide work for him.
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