Puppets Thursday



Above: It has been raining here for the past few days. Since we travel a lot during puppet ministry, we are thankful that God has kept the temperatures higher and the roads clear of hazardous snow.


Above: Classic fun of tossing a ball into a basket keeps the kids engaged as we wait for the rest of the classes to arrive today in Petőfibánya (our hometown preschool).



Above: Miki gets the kids’ imaginations warmed up as we pretend to fill the room with snow and go for a exciting sleigh ride.



Above: Our daughters Elianna and Kira were able to see the show today. Elianna has been attending this preschool for a few years and our oldest Ben recently finished here and moved on to first grade in a neighboring town.


Above: Kira finding a unique place to sit to watch the show.

Over the years we have had good interaction with many of the teachers from preschool. Some of them have attended our English Program, and some have visited various Bible studies. One preschool helper, Andi became a believer a few years ago and is now a member of our church. We are thankful for the open door into this school and the relationships God has allowed us to build over the years as our kids have attended here.





Above: Kids joining in as Miki leads us in singing about the compassionate heart of Jesus.

Above: A short video clip of the kids in Jobbágyi singing with us (hit the play button). Here is a rough translation of some of the words:

A heart that beat for me
A heart that suffered
A heart that faithfully loved me
A heart that broke for me

A heart full of mercy
A heart that loved the poor
A heart without blemish
This is the heart of my Jesus

If your heart is broken
Come to Jesus his heart is waiting
This heart has room for you
your heart will find peace here



Above: Before saying goodbye, we reveal the CD and magazine gift that God provided for all of the kids. As you can see, some literally jumped out of their seats with excitement.


Above: A few kids, now teens, reconnecting with Heidi who last saw them a few years ago.


Above: After the show, a young boy that accompanied this teen above asked me something that completely took me off guard. He said, “Are you saved?” I asked him three or four times, “What?” The words, although very familiar to me didn’t register at the moment. The teen above said to me afterwards, “He was asking you if you are saved.” I joyfully responded, “Yes, Yes, I believe in Jesus, that’s why I’m here!” Apparently the boys father is a local pastor of a small congregation in Jobbágyi. The teen above is a worship leader in the congregation. Jozsi (above) hopes to come out and visit us in Petőfibánya someday. It was encouraging to hear about how God is at work in these hidden places!

P1450472.JPG P1450465.JPG

Above: Although we have one more day to go, we planned a team meeting today for our tradition of sharing encouragement with each other personally. This is often tough for Hungarians to take as they have had limited to no encouragement all of their lives. It is easy to see how other people mess up, especially in this intense time of ministry together, but God calls us to build up and not tear down. It was refreshing to point out the various ways our teammates blessed us through the week and how they strengthened our ministry.

We praise God for another successful day of ministry! Thank you for your faithful prayers for us that have blessed us through the week. Sharon’s trip into town to see the doctor went well. She is healthy. As far as Kira, the doctor still heard a slight murmur in her heart (problem since birth), but informed us that this condition poses no danger or restrictions to Kira living a normal active life. Praise God!

Prayer requests:

• Our last day of ministry is a full day as we will have five performances. We will be performing under a tight schedule and showing our puppet/shadow show to the teens in two areas. This show is much more difficult to present than the puppet show.

• This is the FIRST TIME that the neighboring village of Zagyvaszántó has allowed us to perform in their public school. As with the other neighboring towns in our area, some of the kids already know us from our VBS and other outreaches. Please pray that God will give us favor with the teachers and leaders in the area so that we can continue to plant seeds in Zagyvaszántó through puppet ministry.

• I still hear off and on coughing from teammates and ask that you would pray that our team be healed completely of sickness and have the strength we need for tomorrow for the five performances.

• Pray for me (Allen) as I will be sharing from the Word after the puppet/shadow show to the teens. My Hungarian is far from refined, and sometimes this can be a distraction to the kids. Please pray that I will be able to communicate what God wants me to say.
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