Sunday and two days to camp

This morning, Miki, Dezsô and Csaba visited the neighboring town of Selyp to help in Selyp's baptist church worship service. We are exploring ways in which we can help Selyp's church to more effectively bring the gospel to every generation in their neighborhood. Currently, the church's members are all elderly, and the pastor is seeking help in evangelism.

Below: Tonight, in Petôfibánya, we had the help of Phil (w. guitar), Tahran (w. piano) and Erika (not pictured) of the Pioneers 'ART' team (Area Resource Team) in our worship service. They led our time of musical worship and blessed us with their presence. We also had visitors from Selyp (below R), who attended our church service as well.

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Below L: Julika (Pioneers Hungarian partner in ministry) holding chubby Kira. Julika often commutes to help with our children's program and will be helping facilitate our upcoming vacation Bible school for Petôfibánya in August.

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Above L: Dezsô greeting our sisters in Christ from Selyp. Above R: Heidi (far right) with second time visitors. Heidi has been developing relationships with these teenager girls who have a connection with Dezsô's teenage daughter Regina (not pictured). I am thankful that they feel comfortable entering our church, and hearing the majority of the message and worship tonight. Please pray for these teenagers, and pray that Heidi may have wisdom as she seeks to reveal the truth and transforming message of Jesus Christ to them.

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Above L: Lidia with her father Laci. I have been praying for Lidia this week with the teens on the mountain, and tonight she revealed God's leading her in a difficult decision. Lidia told me that she has been reading through the book of Proverbs, and through God's word and through church member's advice she has come to a decision. This decision requires action this week, and this will be difficult for Lidia. Please pray that she will sense God' peace and protection in 'living out' this decision.

Above R: Zoli and Gabi anxiously awaiting English camp.The team from our home church in Delaware (BVBC) arrived safely tonight in Budapest! We will be heading out with them to camp one day early on tuesday. Please pray for us! You can find the latest prayer requests here.
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