Puppets Thursday



Above: Last night we put on the final touches to our shadow puppet/drama that we will present for the first time tomorrow. As you can see there are a number of intricate pieces that are brought in and out throughout the show.


Above: Brenda’s main job is to avoid getting her eye poked out as we are constantly tossing shadow puppets back at her throughout the show for her to put back in order and hand back to us. It may be more entertaining to watch what goes on behind the scenes. Brenda celebrated her (clearing throat sound) birthday yesterday. We are thankful for God creating her and especially thankful that He lead her to Hungary to serve with us!


Above: Helpful Hugi. There is alot of team work involved in the putting up and tearing down of the set. The team has worked very well together under pressure and God has been gracious to continue to bless us with unity.




Above: The Rainbow Care Center in Hatvan that we went to today holds a special place in our hearts. They always express the most joy and love to sing with us.




Since this was our only show today, we had some time to stay and chat with the teachers. Hearing that four from our team were from the US, one teacher asked, “So how is it that you came to be in Hungary?” I was able to give testimony of my belief in Jesus Christ, and God’s directing me to Hungary in a season of prayer over eight years ago. She was very thankful for our show and suggested that we contact another Care Center they are connected with in the town of Gyöngyös. Hopefully we will be visiting this Care Center when we go out again in Easter.


• Weather has not prohibited us from traveling to schools. Safety traveling.
• Unity on team and God has provided strength.
• Kids are hearing the gospel and taking home CDs and magazines full of God’s truth.
• Receptive teachers and kids

Prayer Requests:

• Tonight we will be holding a Christmas Party for our English Club students. Please pray for us as we prepare and for the true story of Christmas to be made known.
• We are nearing the mid marker and we are feeling the physical strain. Please pray for protection from sickness and for rejuvenating rest at night.
• Tomorrow is a much fuller day than usual. We will also be presenting our shadow puppet/drama to the teens for the first time. We need strength and wisdom as we present with these tools God has blessed us with.
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