Sunday Worship

Above: Elianna enjoying her brother's company. Below: Our apartment has a perfect sized balcony for the kids to play on.

Below Left: Gabi S. and Dávid at public worship service tonight. I was glad to see Gabi who has been sick for a few weeks. He shared some good news with me about how God is working in the life of someone we have been praying for together. Dávid has been busy with helping care for his twin siblings at home, while his step-father and older brothers help build an addition onto their house. He asks for prayer in this stressful time of building.

After an encouraging and challenging message from our guest teacher Péter (not pictured), many people were led to give personal testimony before the congregation. It was great to see how God is working in the various lives in our church. I was very excited to see Dezs┼Ĺ, for the first time, come forward and share what he felt God was leading him to say. This took a step of faith for him, as he is not comfortable speaking in public. Being up close, I could see his hands trembling as he gave us a word of encouragement from the Bible.

Below: I was overjoyed being in the 'background' in this service–until my kids ran in with surprise birthday cupcakes that is! Elianna 'spilled the beans' a few days ago unintentionally talking about my birthday surprise. I am so thankful at 24-oh I mean at 34 to have two wonderful children, the perfect wife and a new baby on the way! I praise God for these treasures.

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