Friday News

This morning meeting, we were able to meet as a focus group team. It has been some time since we have been together, as we have served in a camp and Miki also served in two separate camps for children and teens. The focus of our time was on prayer and also preparing for our upcoming VBS in Petôfibánya. We expect 40 children to come and will continue planning and preparing throughout next week.

Thinking back to the way we prayed in today's meeting, I saw how specific God answered throughout the day. We focused on a few people who have simply disappeared. We also prayed for God to bless our 'random' conversations with people we see in our daily routine.

Before heading off to play soccer with the teens, I visited Gabi (below far left). He recently got a computer and has been chatting over the internet with some of the campers that I was able to personally speak to at camp about Jesus Christ. Timi (below middle) and Fanni (below far right) were online, and I was thankful to hear Timi tell me that since camp, she believes in God. She said there are a lot of people who deny his existence, but she is searching and now reading the Bible. She said that she hopes to find Him someday. I encouraged her that if she truly seeks, she would truly find. Timi and Fanni live very far away from Budapest and also far from Petôfibánya. Please pray that they would find the truth in Jesus Christ and also a church where they could grow in their faith.

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Two of the teens that we prayed for this morning (that we haven't seen in ages) came to play soccer. Milán and Gabi T. both made decisions to put their trust in Jesus last year, but a few months ago they stopped participating and coming to anything we did. Please pray that these young men would have a renewed desire to know God and to follow after their Lord and Savior.

Below from L to R: Oliver, Milán and Gabi


After returning home from soccer, I ran into two girls that stopped me in the hallway to ask, "Are you afraid of evil spirits." I was a bit surprised initially at the question from these 10 year old girls. They continued to show me an article in a magazine that one was holding about a possessed dog that had some sort of evil power. I told them that I wasn't afraid because I have a personal relationship with God, who is more powerful and greater than any evil spirit. I told them if they were interested in finding out more about Him, they were welcome to come to our church service on Sunday. Please pray for them that they may seek freedom from fear by exploring what we teach from the Bible in church. Pray that they may find salvation in the Son of God.
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