Franklin Graham Hope Festival Day 2


Above: Counselors coming early and being seated before entrance of the general public.


Above: One of the most important aspects of the night, complete dependence on a movement of God and His Spirit.



Above: There was definitely a greater number of people tonight as compared to last night. Franklin Graham delivered a message on the Prodigal Son.



Above L to R: Anna Maria, Jennifer, Timi, Reni, Eniko, Erika, Gyozo, Miki, Fanni, Anna and Bence.


Praise God for working in the hearts of Anna Maria, Reni and Fanni. All three of these women came forward at the invitation to repent and put their faith in Jesus Christ. Jennifer had just began talking to Anna Maria a few days ago about faith in Christ, and just Saturday morning Anna Maria decided to go to the Hope Festival. As you know, Reni went to the Festival on Friday but was a bit distracted because of her daughter. Tonight, she was able to pay attention to the Good News. Fanni came home in our car and I was able to talk with her more about the night. It became clear that she still didn’t understand and hadn’t made a decision. Praise God for the long car ride which gave us ample time to explain the Gospel without the crowd noise answering important questions that she had. It became clear that Fanni now understood what repentance was and was ready to confess faith in Christ who died for her sins, was risen from the dead and would reconcile her to God through faith.

When I went forward to counsel at the time of invitation, I noticed a young man who had attended our English Camp last year just an arm’s length in front of me. He was a camper who was clearly opposed to seeking God, but at the end of camp shared with me that he was now open. What a joy to see the evidence of God continuing to seek and save Pisti well after English Camp was over. I wasn’t able to talk with Pisti, but the only reason to be where he was was to respond to the Gospel message.

Teenager Gyozo was overjoyed to have the opportunity to talk to a 13 year old who came forward. Gyozo said the young man had a story quiet similar to his own story. The 13 year old grew up in a Christian home, but up until this night had not personally put his faith in the Risen Savior. This was an answer to Gyozo’s prayer that God would send to him someone who he could follow up with and help in their walk with Christ.

So, rejoice with us. Lives were changed last night and we have hope that God will continue to pour out His grace and mercy tonight. Please pray especially for Erika’s father who has been opposed to God his whole life but is coming tonight to see his granddaughter sing in the 1000 person choir. May he find much more than his daughter singing! Pray also for church member Gabi’s brother Attila who is attending with his girlfriend Moni. Pray for healing in Moni’s heart and for Attila’s heart to receive the call to repent and believe Jesus Christ. Pray for those of us who are serving this last night, that God would lead us in our responsibility of counseling. Thank you for praying!
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