Last week I got a call from Miki inviting me to play tennis with a young man named Béla that we have been trying to get to know more. Béla has attended various sports outreaches we have held in the past. I broke out my tennis racket (I can’t remember the last time I played) and picked up Béla just a few blocks away from my home.

Above: MIki, Erika and Béla. It was great exercise and great to have an opportunity to connect with Béla who invited me to his house after tennis. I met his dad, his brother and his little beagle. We spent over an hour just talking and I believe this is just a first step in God using me and others in Béla’s life to direct him to Jesus Christ.

Above: Yeah, I know how you feel. This is our neighbors dog that has grown up while we were back in the US.


Above: On Thursday, we held our teen discipleship meeting in the local community center. Praise God that both Eszti and Zsófi who recommitted their lives to Christ at camp (having already made decisions in the past) attended. Dezső doesn’t water down teaching for the teens, but is going deep in Scripture with them.

Above: Tomi and Peti also attending Thursday night. Praise God for this opportunity to teach His truth to those growing up in Christ.


Above: Enikő and Gabi were married on Saturday! Other than Gabi’s sister Niki (who is a member of our church) both their families have no relationship with God through Jesus. This would not only be a special day for them to proclaim their vows before God but also an opportunity for their families to hear about Jesus.

Above: Dezső was first to speak, giving an introduction of who we were and where we have come from. Dezső highlighted our need for Jesus Christ, and gave personal testimony to Jesus’ work of restoration in his own life.

Above: Petőfibánya’s worship team, Dezső, Eszti and Miki.

I was also given the privilege to preach at their wedding on the love of Jesus Christ and how it applies to marriage. I highlighted the counterfeit views of love and how Jesus’ love is a humble love that seeks to serve. It is my hope and prayer that Enikő and Gabi grow in the knowledge of God’s love for them and also grow in their love for one another.
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