2007 VBS day 2


Above: Last night a thunderstorm rolled into Petőfibánya. Thankfully, this cooled down the 90 degree temperatures that we had yesterday. The rain clouds continued to linger over the first half of our day of VBS.


Above: Kira trying on teenager Zoli's cowboy hat.



Above: Julika teaching the children Romans 5:8 and explaining the gospel.




Above: Thankfully, our team was able to play various games and do crafts while we were inside because of the rain.


Above: This ping pong table that was recently donated to our church was very popular. The hours that Miki and Dezső spent putting it together a few days ago is bearing fruit.



Above: Praise God, the rain has stopped and the sun is peaking through the clouds!




Above: Jenna testing her strength by carrying around Ben. Jenna has been in Hungary for a few months serving with Pioneers on a short term survey trip. It is her desire to serve full time in Hungary. She is a hard worker and is persevering through the struggles of being immersed into the culture.


Above: Laci taught a group of kids how to make various knots. Afterwards, they used what they learned on supportive rope used to hoist kids climbing into this tree.


Above: Of course some of the kids needed help getting all the way up the tree.


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P1900687 P1900679


We praise God that the kids, rain or shine, are having a great time. Today, Erika and Allen had an opportunity to meet with some of the adults while the kids were in their small groups. After we introduced ourselves, one of the leaders from Romania asked Allen how he ended up in Hungary. This opened up an opportunity to give his testimony. Most of the conversation afterwards was simply getting to know each other. We were thankful for various times that we could direct the conversation back to God. It was good to see that those who attended could tell the difference between religious tradition and a personal relationship with God.

Please continue praying for the children in this camp and for us as we seek to teach them truths that will set them free for eternity.

New Requests:

- Protection from injury. Today, one of the children slipped and fell on a broken piece of glass. Although we attempted to clean the campground last week, we could not gather every fragment of glass scattered all over the place. Tomorrow, we will also be unique as we will take the kids horseback riding.

- Kids from Romania. Today, while playing soccer, we heard kids making fun of the Hungarians from Romania for the first time. Please pray for there to be an attitude of acceptance and love for these kids. Also, the entire group from Romania will be going to a dentist tomorrow. Please pray for them to be blessed by this dentist and have all the appropriate work completed.

- Sharon will be traveling into Budapest to have surgery on one of her toes. She is also having a suspicious small spot removed from her leg which we are having checked for cancer. Please pray for her! Pray also for Kira who will be with daddy most of the day. Although Kira loves daddy, she is used to being with mom all day.
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