VBS Day 1


Above: After a smooth registration process with a great team of volunteers, we filled our campground building and began our day with songs. Miki always does a great job helping the kids feel welcome and excited about camp. This site has been so useful over the years and we’re now maxing out with the number of kids attending. We praise God for the reputation of this camp and how many lives God has drawn to Himself through this ministry.


Above: One of our helpers this year is Marika (striped shirt) who taught our kids in preschool and is now retired. Various members of our team have had the opportunity to reach out to her over the years and we hope she will come to a greater understanding of the Gospel not only through what she hears this week but what she witnesses in our lives as we are united in Christ.




Above: Zita teaching on today’s story of the Prodigal Son. Each day in our main meeting time, we have a new teacher and a new story that is focused on the theme of God’s grace this year. Kids from our church participated by doing murals for each story (see above hanging on wall).


Above: Fanni (blue shirt left) and Eszter are serving as volunteers this year and also attending by Bible study group daily. This is a mixed group of believers and unbelievers and we look forward to seeing how God will reveal Jesus to them and open their eyes to truth. Fanni has been meeting with me in our Baptism class as she has made a decision to follow Jesus by faith. In group today when asking how many camps they had attended, Fanni said this was her second camp. For some reason, I was taken off guard and found it hard to believe since she has changed so much in one year! I can remember that this camp was a huge part in the initiation of those changes as she came to know Christ’s love and His Gospel. Praise God for how he is transforming her life.





Above: Church members serving in the kitchen.


Above: Bogi who attended our English Club in the town of Jászfényszaru has joined us this week for VBS. I’m so glad we’re able to maintain our connection with her and continue to share the Gospel as we study God’s word together each day at camp.





Above: Praise God that He provided funds for a new tent. We now have two we can utilize in our various summer ministries!





Above: Using the afternoon snack for earrings instead of food.

We praise God for a great first day and look forward to His provisions tomorrow. Towards the end of the day it rained for about 15 minutes, but God swiftly took it away and allowed the kids to be outside again. One child was overheard talking to his mother on the way home; “Mom, this is the best camp. If you find another camp, forget about it, I want to go to this one.” May God continue to bless these kids with grace and use us to proclaim the Gospel. Please continue to pray for us and for those attending!
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